Clip Video Run Doom บน AVR32 ATSTK1000

Clip Video Run Doom บน ATSTK1000 ครับ AVR32 พี่แกไม่ธรรมดาจริงๆ

สำหรับเจ้า ATSTK1000 มีรายละเอียดตามนี้ครับ

STK1000 provides a complete AT32AP7000 development environment. The kit has two ethernet ports, a high quality QVGA LCD, a loudspeaker, and connectors for USART, PS/2, VGA, and USB. A expansion header can be used for prototyping.

A pre-installed Linux image on the enclosed 256 MB SD card ensures that the user can boot Linux and start program development directly after power up.

STK1000 is also supported by AVR JTAGICE mkII. With either GNU GCC or the IAR compiler, the JTAGICE mkII supports basic runtime control and a limited trace.

The Vitra and the Opella products from Ashling supports provide high-end debugging capabilities as e.g. sustained trace and SQA (software quality assurance). An extensive white paper is available at

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